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As a world-class, full-service innovation house, we excel at custom complex formulas, unique on-trend delivery forms, and specialized packaging with the promise of speed, reasonable MOQs, and competitive prices. 

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Best-in-Class R&D

Our in-house research and development team brings extensive industry insight and experience to your project. With hands-on proficiency, they manage every phase of R&D from start to finish (research, identification, product development, testing, and commercialization). Working with proprietary formulas, we source and license the most effective actives on the market today. Then, using a system of continuous development we leverage scientific advancements and new manufacturing techniques to ensure your products maintain a competitive edge.


Innovative Delivery Forms

Our fruit-based gummies are a healthier approach to convenient nutrition because they're made with real fruit juices/purees and no processed sugars. Our cold-moulded fruit bars, balls, and shapes turn a snack into a high-payload nutrient powerhouse. Our Actiniabeadlets revolutionize capsules, food toppers and pixies. And, our Go Mixpackaging makes portable nutrition convenient for the active consumer.


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Quality First

As a service-focused business, we maintain consistent contact throughout development, commercialization and reorders, assuring a personalized experience with prompt response. And because we maintain long-term relationships within the industry, our production flow remains steady even through a tight schedule.